Tuesday, April 26, 2016

International Data Suggests Women are half to Blame for Partner Violence

   A study carried out by Murray A. Straus from the University of New Hampshire titled "Dominance and symmetry in partner violence by male and female university students in 32 nations" revealed that women were responsible for half of the perpetrated partner violence in The group studied.

 The study further questions the lie that it is mostly men being violent and domineering in relationships, and female dominance is more closely correlated to partner violence than male; also that abuse programs need to end their female biased services whereas men are vastly ignored or treated as the abusers themselves:


 It is further revealed that female-only violence is more frequent than male-only; and that the types of injuries committed by both genders are almost the same, unlike most feminists claim:

     The author was bold enough to reveal how even in the so-called patriarchal nations, these results are to be found. Another pretty eye opening admission from this study is that the author heavily criticized the government for refusing to fund programs for male victims and how the feminist movement holds a monopoly on gendered programs and is to blame for the bias that ignores half of the perpetrators based on the "Duluth" model of domestic violence:

     More important details can be found in the part where the study shows that female dominance is more correlated to partner violence than male dominance, and that male chivalry may be responsible for males not retaliating as much:

     One last detail that puts to rest another famous feminist lie, is that this study also reveals that severe injuries are almost as likely to be female-perpetrated in cases of more serious violence; 85% male compared to 74% female, female-only severe assaults being higher than male-only:

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