Monday, April 11, 2016

Monotheistic Religions Had Certain Restrictions on Female Sexuality due to Paternity Issues, not Misogyny

      A study dating back to 2012 that never got media attention titled "Religion as a means to assure paternity" reveals that certain religious and communal restrictions on women were due not to oppress and control them as feminists would have you believe, but it was due to paternity issues and cuckoldery problems that could arise if not holding women accountable for their sexuality as we do men:

"The sacred texts of five world religions (Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism) use similar belief systems to set limits on sexual behavior. We propose that this similarity is a shared cultural solution to a biological problem: namely male uncertainty over the paternity of offspring. 

Furthermore, we propose the hypothesis that religious practices that more strongly regulate female sexuality should be more successful at promoting paternity certainty. Using genetic data on 1,706 father–son pairs, we tested this hypothesis in a traditional 

African population in which multiple religions (Islam, Christianity, and indigenous) coexist in the same families and villages. We show that the indigenous religion enables males to achieve a significantly (P = 0.019) lower probability of cuckoldry (1.3% versus 2.9%) by enforcing the honest signaling of menstruation, but that all three religions share tenets aimed at the avoidance of extrapair copulation. 

Our findings provide evidence for high paternity certainty in a traditional African population, and they shed light on the reproductive agendas that underlie religious patriarchy."


Feminists balk, but there was a good reason after all for the existence of these religious rituals that appear, superficially to the comically stunted feminist mind, to be relics from an antediluvian past. Modernists think they can ignore the wisdom of their ancestors without consequence.

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