Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Norma "Jane Roe" McCorvey lied about being Raped, Never had an Abortion and is a Pro-Life Activist.

    In case you didn't known, Norma MCorvey, the famous feminist icon whose case "Roe vs Wade" (based on her pseudonym) was used to legalize abortion, lied about her rape which caused her to become pregnant. She also has become a pro-life activist and she actually never had an abortion. Here's an interview she had with CNN where she reveals she has since become a pro life activist and was treated like an dumb mascot by the feminists who exploited her and then discarded her. Pay close attention on how dishonest and cowardly feminist groups are once one of their icons has a change of heart:

"Once an abortion-rights supporter, the 50-year-old McCorvey has switched sides: She's now a vocal anti-abortion activist. She has started a ministry called Roe No More to fight against abortion rights with the aim of creating a mobile counseling center for pregnant women in Dallas. 
The case was appealed to the Supreme Court, which handed down its controversial ruling on January 22, 1973. The decision legalized the right to an abortion in all 50 states and sparked a political debate that remains charged to this day.  
However, McCorvey, who was 21 when the case was filed and was on her third pregnancy, never had an abortion and gave birth to a girl, who was given up for adoption.
In a 1997 CNN interview, McCorvey blamed violence at women's clinics on the abortion-rights camp.
'I personally think it's the pro-abortion people who are doing this to collect on their insurance, so they can go out and build bigger and better killing centers,' she said.
Abortion-rights advocates were not so happy about the change of heart by the woman who symbolized a woman's right to have an abortion.
Sarah Weddington, the attorney who along with Linda Coffee represented the plaintiffs, now says she would have picked a different plaintiff, who might have better represented the case.
Coffee said she and Weddington met McCorvey via another attorney who specialized in adoptions. Coffee doesn't remember McCorvey having any hesitancy about wanting an abortion.
Asked why she thought McCorvey changed her mind, Weddington said, "She's the only one who can answer that," then refused to comment further about McCorvey. 
But McCorvey says that attitude validates her belief that abortion is wrong. 'If they don't care about me, how can they possibly care about anyone else?' she said.
When McCorvey announced her change of heart on the issue, Kate Michelman, president of the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League, said in a statement: The Roe vs. Wade decision 'isn't about any single individual. It is about the freedom of all women to make reproductive decisions free from government intrusion.'
Michelman, through a spokesman, declined to be interviewed for this story.
Coffee said she last saw McCorvey when the television movie about the case was made in the late 1980s.
'Perhaps she may have felt left out by some of the pro-choice groups in connection with the ongoing debate," she said.
That is exactly what McCorvey says about the pro-choice leaders. 'They could have been nice to me instead of treating me like an idiot,' she said."
    Look at how quickly feminists sold out their own icon and considered her a traitor who should have just have followed "the party's line" in this case. This is how much feminists really respect women with agency.

An in another interview reported by The News Journal
,she admits she made up the rape story in a fit of anger:

Whether you are pro or anti, the fact remains that this is another instance where feminists shaped our society by exploiting another woman yet again, based on lies and omission, and then discarded this woman when she came out opposing their views. This is how much they love women supposedly though. Norma McCorvey is actually trying to get the decision of the Supreme Court overturned:

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