Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The BBC is Forced to Apologize for Program Where Dog Trainer Teaches Women how to Train Their Men

The BBC is forced to apologize for it's program called "Bring Your Husband to Heel" where a dog trainer gives women tips on domesticating their partner after a series of complaints from viewers. They could have never known it was a bigoted program without the complaints right?:

"BBC sorry for 'sexist' programme

The BBC has issued an apology over the programme Bring Your Husband to Heel after receiving complaints it was sexist towards men.
The BBC Two show featured dog trainer Annie Clayton using her techniques to teach women how to modify their husbands' behaviour.

The corporation said the show "plays on the long-standing stereotype of wives nagging husbands about their failings".

But it accepted that some viewers found the programme "inappropriate"."

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