Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Degrading men in Commercials is Made Illegal in the UK but Demonizing men is Declared Non-offensive

In 2009 the Daily Mail reported on how a sexist commercial depicting men as helpless idiots received 673 complaints from viewers but the Advertising Standards Authority rejected the complaints as non-offensive since men were the targets even though commercials degrading women were made illegal:

"A television advert that lampoons men as incapable of performing simple domestic tasks has been cleared by advertising watchdogs.
The commercial, for an oven cleaning product, drew 673 complaints from viewers who felt it was sexist for portraying men as stupid and lazy.
But the Advertising Standards Authority rejected the complaints, saying the ad was 'unlikely to cause serious or widespread offence'"

Critics said the verdict was out of line with years of ASA policy which has outlawed the demeaning of women in commercials."


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