Friday, December 13, 2013

Feminist Emma Goldman Condemns Women on the Titanic 1912

Even though I have no love for the feminist movement sometimes their leaders did tell the truth and truth is truth no matter the source. In this particular case Emma Goldman expressed her disgust at the behavior of the female survivors onboard the Titanic who allowed the men to sacrifice themselves enmass so that the women could be treated like helpless children yet again. She actually pointed out the hypocrisy of claiming to want equal voting rights and special privileges under a protected status. This is something the feminist movement today does not do and this is why so many men despise them. This is why I despise them:

“The men stood aside to let the ladies go first.” What about the ladies? What about their love superior to that of the men? What about their greater goodness? Their demand to equal rights and privileges? Is this to be found only at the polls, or on the statutes? I fear very much that the ladies who have so readily accepted the dictations of the men, who stood by when the men were beaten back from the life-boats, have demonstrated their utter unfitness and inferiority, not merely to the title of man’s equal, but to her traditionary fame of goodness, love and self-sacrifice.

It is to be hoped that some there were among the steerage victims at least, who preferred death with those they loved to life at the expense of the loved ones."

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