Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Myth that Women Were Not Allowed to Hold Office or Court Prior to The Feminist Movement

If women were 100% not allowed to hold office at all prior to the feminist movement by the evil patriarchy as feminists claim, then how were women allowed to be Queens? Why is an entire era called The Victorian Era?

 A declaration from a case in 1808 stated that women were allowed to hold most offices in the UK including Queen of course, and this was long before the feminist movement.

And yet here feminists are claiming that women wouldn't have that right without them.

Granted, life for both women and men was often no picnic back then, and there was plenty of discrimination against both sexes, but the fact remains, you are being lied to about women not being allowed to be public officials or hold court.

The first female mayor in the United States was Susanna M. Salter in 1887 which was at least 70 years before anything called the feminist movement existed. There is no record of her having to fight to be mayor.

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