Saturday, May 28, 2016

Female Hypergamy is an Adaptation Survival Strategy Rooted in Biological and Socio-economic Factors.

       Female hypergamy is a biological mechanism women developed for survival that is still very observable and and quantified nowadays in the 21st century despite our advances as a civilization. Many sex typical behaviors are rooted in our own inherent nature despite all the rationalization done by the feminists and neo progressives inside academia pulling their buzzwords like "patriarchy" and "social construct".

In this article, we will look at the science behind female sexual predilection and choices based purely on biological and psychological reasons. Women prefer more intelligent, creative and more masculine men who perform physical tasks, which produces stronger and more intelligent children:




       Women also prefer gifts and material wealth as signs of affection and romance, while men just see them as tools of courtship to gain sexual favors, as we can read in a study titled, " 'Heck with the flowers and candy—I just want sex!' Women’s and men’s agreement and disagreement about romance":

"As a concise definition of romance is virtually absent in the literature, based on our analysis of scientific and layperson construal of romance, we define it as an orientation toward a partner whereby 1 expresses love, caring, and sexuality to facilitate and solidify commitment. Of interest to the authors, men’s and women’s definitions of romance were similar, and they placed equal importance on romance in a committed relationship. However, men considered themselves to be less romantic than did women, and men considered romance to a means to sexual access more than did women. This evidence suggests that men, acknowledging its importance, may be just “playing the game” of romance to gain sexual access. These results can be interpreted through an evolutionary psychological framework vis-à-vis the fundamental reproductive differences between the sexes."
Women also associate sexual stimulation with material wealth, while seeing lower value objects as negative sexual stimuli, to the point of even upsetting them: all the while men placed no sexual value on wealth:



Source: The Price Had Better Be Right: Women’s Reactions to Sexual Stimuli Vary With Market Factors

In another study, researchers examined the mate preferences in dating site that had a highly skewed sex ratio (646 men for 1,000 women). But despite all that, they still found that women remain highly selective of higher status men even during the study's "marriage squeeze" scenario:

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