Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Claim That Rape Is The Most Underreported Crime Is A Myth

I've been examining this often-repeated claim that rape is the most underreported crime and so I stumbled upon the actual US Bureau of Justice Statistics actual numbers on the rate of unreported crimes.

The screenshot below, from their statistics, clearly shows that several crimes are more likely to go underreported than rape, and in fact, some of the numbers vastly outnumber the numbers for rape.
Those numbers are taken from pg 7 of their publication "Criminal Victimization, 2015"

Do a quick google search for the phrase "rape is the most underreported crime" and you'll get 10 pages-worth of people lying and saying that it's the most underreported crime. Also as of this writing, I was unable to find anyone debunking this myth. 

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