Sunday, June 7, 2015

African Men More Opposed to FGM and Help Stop It.

The western feminist media and academia has done a beautiful job leading people to believe that FMG (Female Genital Mutilation) is simplistically a tool of a patriarchal system that is used to oppress and control women in African nations. We were constantly told since the days of Second Wave feminists such as Mary Daly, Fran Hosken and Gloria Steinem, that men sadistically oppress their women in Africa through single-handedly reinforcing such barbaric practices. In "Female Genital Cutting: Cultural Conflict in the Global Community" By Elizabeth Heger Boyle, we observe that despite western feminists such as Daly and Hosken claiming to speak for African women, the women in African countries were highly offended and boycotted conventions to end genital mutilation. They also erroneously implied that African women were basically dumb beasts with no agency and simply obedient, mindless, drones for men:

 Here's the "Young Feminists" being reported by "The Guardian" still claiming that female mutilation is allowed and enforced by the patriarchy:
"Forcibly removing part of a girl's vagina is a way to control her sexuality, her right to choice and her right to freedom. FGM tends to happen with the complicity of families, communities and police, who not only do not report the crime, but often try to hide it. Patriarchy allows them to do this with impunity. 
The commitments made at the Girl Summit on eradicating FGM and child marriage, the focus on tougher laws (including putting the onus on parents to protect girls from FGM) and increased funding for prevention programmes are important steps to combat these harmful practices. But until we link these issues to girls' lack of education, poverty, marginalisation and exclusion in the patriarchal societies in which they live, little will change."

But does extensive data and research actually corroborate feminists' claims that men, through the patriarchal model, control and approve more FGM than women? The UNICEF actually reports that, more women are in favor of  continuing the practice than men, women are more responsible for enforcing the practice, and men are more in favor of seeing the practice end, additionally the data shows that women tend to be unaware of or ignore the opinion of men when it concerns FGM. Also the data demonstrates that, girls are less likely to get circumcised if their fathers are consulted first:

In conclusion, this is yet another massive lie the feminist movement has claimed for at least 50 years *and counting). despite the evidence pointing out that it's not primarily men driving the mutilation of African girls. But feminist not only have world leaders at their side, but also the U.N. further helping stigmatizing men.

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