Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Virginia's Men's Rights Groups Supporters in Virginia Were 25% Women.

During the 70's, men's rights groups in Virginia were supported by women who comprised 25% of these organizations whom themselves were mothers, wives and grandmothers, who were helping men fight bigoted judges and the justice system who just painted them as "radicals" and even went as far as to lie to say that any advance on men's causes, were done so by feminists":

"Donald A. Hillstrom, an 'approved' Minneapolis attorney who specializes in representing men in who seek custody, credits men's groups not only with instilling members with a positive attitude that has helped them win, but also changing the attitudes of the courts. 
' At first', says Hillstrom, 'the Minnesota courts considered them radical organizations and ignored them. Then they realized the men's groups were there to stay, and subtle changes began to occur. Judicial treatment of men became more fair, and more men began to win custody over their children.' 
Chief Judge Susanne C Sedwick of the Hennepin County (Minnesota) Family Court, sees it a little differently however. 
'The courts really haven't been influenced by the existence of men's rights groups;, says Judge Sedwick. Instead, she attributes the decline of ' the stereotyping courts have been guilty of" to a general raising of the public consciousness begun by the Women's Rights Movement.' 
'Most of the men's rights activists do not consider themselves anti-feminists, but rather- as Virginia's Diamond puts it- 'Pro-family'. 'Texas' Shelton says that 25% of his members are women, whose ex-daughters- and sons-in-law, who have prevented them from seeing their grandchildren after divorce. 
In Virginia, Diamond's group is forming a 'Second Wives Coalition' whose members have all married divorced men and whose paychecks, because of what they claim are inequities in alimony and support statutes, go to help support their husbands' ex-wives.",1591029&dq=men%27s+rights+1970+25+women&hl=en

That judge was a founding member National Association of Women Judges which is another sexist female supremist organization pretty much. Check out their mission statement and website:

"NAWJ is the nation’s leading voice for women jurists dedicated to preserving judicial independence, ensuring equal justice and access to the courts for women, minorities and other historically disfavored groups, providing judicial education on cutting-edge issues, and increasing the numbers and advancement of women judges at all levels to more accurately reflect their full participation in a democratic society."

Friday, July 28, 2017

Dads Are More Attentive And Responsive Towards Toddler Daughters Than Sons

Another study has confirmed the obvious; that fathers tend to be more attentive towards their daughter's emotional and physical needs than their sons. And here we thought that dads worshiped their male offspring while they were bigoted against their daughters according to the feminist orthodoxy. This has been published on the Behavioral Neuroscience:
"Multiple lines of research indicate that fathers often treat boys and girls differently in ways that impact child outcomes. The complex picture that has emerged, however, is obscured by methodological challenges inherent to the study of parental caregiving, and no studies to date have examined the possibility that gender differences in observed real-world paternal behavior are related to differential paternal brain responses to male and female children. Here we compare fathers of daughters and fathers of sons in terms of naturalistically observed everyday caregiving behavior and neural responses to child picture stimuli. 
Compared with fathers of sons, fathers of daughters were more attentively engaged with their daughters, sang more to their daughters, used more analytical language and language related to sadness and the body with their daughters, and had a stronger neural response to their daughter’s happy facial expressions in areas of the brain important for reward and emotion regulation (medial and lateral orbitofrontal cortex [OFC]). In contrast, fathers of sons engaged in more rough and tumble play (RTP), used more achievement language with their sons, and had a stronger neural response to their son’s neutral facial expressions in the medial OFC (mOFC). Whereas the mOFC response to happy faces was negatively related to RTP, the mOFC response to neutral faces was positively related to RTP, specifically for fathers of boys. These results indicate that real-world paternal behavior and brain function differ as a function of child gender."

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Women Slut Shame Women More than Men.


Women are more likely to slut shame other women rather than men. This is one of those facts they quietly reported:

"Sexual permissiveness can be defined as attitudes or behaviors that are more liberal or extensive than what is normative in a social group. It can include actual or desiredfrequent, premarital, casual, group, or extradyadic sex, sex with many partners, early sexual debut, or even nonverbal cues signalizing availability (e.g., provocative clothing). 
Women and nonpermissive (sexually) men also rated the permissive target lower on friendship, desirability. Whereas women preferred the nonpermissive target in all four dimensions, men showed preference for the permissive target in the first two, and no preference in the last two dimensions. 
Thus, a man who has managed to attract many partners is particularly successful and assumed to be confident and emotionally secure.The acquisition of many sexual partners by a woman, on the other hand, is not a difficult achievement and is therefore interpreted as resulting from low self-esteem."

Monday, March 27, 2017

Women Proposed a Bachelor Tax and Forced Military Service Act in 1707

Since during in 1707, women were demanding bachelors to be taxed in order to force men to marry women and become unwilling white knights and providers. This is how women were oppressed during the height of the Western patriarchy. 

This is more exposure on the hidden history and the lies your teachers told you. The following quotes come from the book " Female Grievances: Dialogues between two Young Ladies concerning Love and Marriage":

"Eliza: Amongst all the female grievances we have hitherto debated there still remains one we have not yet touch’d upon. There are an abundance of bachelors who, thro’ a cowardly apprehension of the cares and troubles of the marry’d state, are so fearful of entering into it, that they would rather run the hazard of damning their souls with the repeated sin of fornication, than they will honestly engage in Wedlock to procreate within those reasonable bounds which the united laws of both God and man have both religiously appointed: Therefore methinks it would well become the care of a Parliament to redress this grievance, so very hurtful to the Kingdom in general, as well as to our sex in particular, by some compulsory law that should enforce Marriage upon all single sinners who otherwise will never keep a cow of their own whilst a quart of milk is to be brought for a penny.'
 Mariana: 'I’ll assure you i like your thoughts very well, for if we consider rightly, we can allow bachelors to be no other than drones in the great-hive of the Common-wealth, that enjoy without reason, the advantage of marry’d peoples labours, in having their liberties and estates secur’d by the loss of other men’s lives, and will not be industrious to repair from their own loins the native strength of the Kingdom, for tho’ they have not continence enough to forebear the pleasure, yet the liberty they take is with such common strumpets, who by their debaucheries and distempers, are render’d wholly incapable of producing any serviceable fruits of their sinful labours. Therefore pray let us lay our heads together and consult of some proposals that might move our Senate to a wise consideration of this weighty matter.'
Eliza: 'Pray, cousin, do you begin and propose one clause and I another, and so we’ll proceed till we have digested our project into so many several heads, that may be an ease to the Senate if ever we should hereafter petition the House to bring in a Bill for the Advancement of the Church and the suppression of Vice, and the improvement of the native strength of Her Majesties Kingdom in a lawful way.
Mariana: With all my heart; you would have me begin, so accordingly I’ll proceed to the business, vis:
'That every bachelor above the age of twenty, and childless widower under the age of fifty, shall be obliged to marry within the circle of one year, commencing from the date of the Act, or else be liable to be press’d into the Sea or Land Service (after the expiration of the Term limited) when ever Her Majesties Forces shall need a further recruit.'

Eliza: That their personal effects shall be all sequester’d by the government, and be distributed by an Almoner for that purpose, into the hands of so many trustees, chosen out of every Parish, for the better supporting and maintaining all such poor children as have lost their fathers in defence of the Kingdom, and the overplus to be disposed of amongst those miserable husbands who are plagued with scolding wives and smoky houses. 
Mariana: 'That an alms house shall be built and endow’d for the reception of all such childless widowers and bachelors as shall, by reason of their low stature, crookedness, weakness, or any other infirmities whatsoever, be judg’d unfit for His Majesty’s Service; and that every such widower or bachelor shall be allowed one warm frize gown every year with a yellow badge upon the right arm, upon which shall be stamped an Ape in a string, and under shall be engraven this motto': 

'Who dies an old maid
leads apes when she’s dead;
But he that hates wiving
shall lead ’em whilst living.'
'That every single member shall have a convenient apartment to himself, with a bed, two pair of coarse sheets, one leathern chair, one earthen candlestick, a green chamber-pot, and a little grate, and every ten of them shall have an old woman to wait upon ’em, and to hand ’em their water-gruel, barley-broth, turnips, carrots and potatoes; for that they shall not be allow’d any other food than soop, herbs and roots, because they have forfeited the Liberty of an Englishman, by not loving the flesh in a righteous way, therefore they ought not to indulge their vicious appetites.'
Eliza: 'O sye, Madam, should we put such a cruel article upon the poor gentlemen it would be constru’d as downright tyranny, beyond all president.'
Mariana: 'I am sorry to see you so tender of those who are so cruel to us, whoever refuses out of obstinacy to comply with the Term has resolved himself into a state of insufficiency, choosing rather to suffer than to marry; therefore we ought to consider them as much superanuated as to our sex, as if he were fourscore, but no infirmity ought to be allowed a good reason against a man’s marrying; for tho’ he is unable to get children, he is nevertheless able to father ’em; therefore, I think, all those that stand out in contempt of wedlock, cannot be dealt with too severely.'
Eliza: 'Truly, cousin, upon second thoughts I must agree with you that they cannot be use’d to hardly. But, I doubt the Parliament will expect we’ll be setting forth the danger of celibacy to a nation as the chief motive to induce ’em to take our other proposals into their wise consideration.'
Mariana: That’s well thought on; but we must be very brief, for the Members of Parliament hate long things, tho’ we women are said to love ’em; therefore let us begin and help one another to concisely set forth the dangers of celibacy.' "

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Claim That Rape Is The Most Underreported Crime Is A Myth

I've been examining this often-repeated claim that rape is the most underreported crime and so I stumbled upon the actual US Bureau of Justice Statistics actual numbers on the rate of unreported crimes.

The screenshot below, from their statistics, clearly shows that several crimes are more likely to go underreported than rape, and in fact, some of the numbers vastly outnumber the numbers for rape.
Those numbers are taken from pg 7 of their publication "Criminal Victimization, 2015"

Do a quick google search for the phrase "rape is the most underreported crime" and you'll get 10 pages-worth of people lying and saying that it's the most underreported crime. Also as of this writing, I was unable to find anyone debunking this myth. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

Men "Need to Adapt" to Alarming Rates of Job Scarcity in Male Oriented Fields According to "Experts"

Male oriented fields in the job market have been on steady decline while female has been on the rise; some of the reasons being education is not veered towards helping boys succeed, but the solution according to the mangina "expert"? Men need to suck it up and adapt, and despite many fields being female dominated, they are still suffer wage discrimination. Sounds plausible to me:
"Opportunities in female-dominated industries have continued to expand, Swartz says, but men have not been gravitating toward those jobs. 
Nearly 200,000 jobs were created in the health care and social service industries over the past four years in Canada. Yet in 2016, only 10 per cent of registered nurses and 12 per cent of health care aides were men. 
'It's sociocultural,' Swartz said. "There is still an attitude that we leave those jobs for women — men don't do those kinds of jobs.' 
There has been little to no effort to attract men to these positions or recruit them into training programs, but perhaps an even bigger barrier is the wage gap.
'In a lot of these female occupations, they are not really paid well,' Swartz said. 'If you lost a high-paying job, you don't want to move too far down the ladder. We still have wage discrimination in the labour market.' 
Swartz says boys and men need to start thinking about alternative career options or "'his will continue to be a problem for an entire gender.The problem, he says, starts in school. 
And it's not confined to Canada. An OECD report in 2012 showed that 15-year-old boys were underachieving in basic proficiency in math, reading or science in every OECD country."

Friday, January 27, 2017

The Courts' Stated Policy Were Agaisnt Invasion of Privacy in Domestic Disputes, No Matter Who Was to Blame.

Despite what the feminist movement is telling us and despite what most people believe the courts did not condone violence against women, in fact they regularly intervened when a husband severely abused his wife.

But their stated policy was that they refused to intervene in the privacy of the home for minor physical altercations between husbands and wives REGARDLESS of who the perpetrator was. This is the verdict from a Supreme Court Decision in 1870 from North Carolina. I know this is long-winded but please take the time to read it:

"It will be observed that the ground upon which we have put this decision is not that the husband has the right to whip his wife much or little; but that we will not interfere with family government in trifling cases. We will no more interfere where the husband whips the wife than where the wife whips the husband; and yet we would hardly be supposed to hold that a wife has a right to whip her husband.

We will not inflict upon society the greater evil of raising the curtain upon domestic privacy, to punish the lesser evil of trifling violence. Two boys under fourteen years of age fight upon the playground, and yet the courts will take no notice of it, not for the reason that boys have the right to fight, but because the interests of society require that they should be left to the more appropriate discipline of the school room and of home. It [**10] is not true that boys have a right to fight; nor is it true that a husband has a right to whip his wife."